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Anti Condensation Coating


Anti Condensation Coating

Grafo - Therm

Grafo-Therm is used by Self Storage Contres worldwide. If you’re not using Grafo-Therm yet, neighbouring centres probably are.

We offer an application service for large quantities of containers and buildings for which we offer a free no-obligation, site survey service.

The most economical, maintenance-free. long term single application method of achieving condensation control.

From Wet From Wet to Dry

  • No Monitoring
  • No emptying of catchment trays
  • No changing every 12 weeks
  • No sealing of the vents
  • No ongoing costs

Grafo-Therm Anti Condensation is a coating applied to an average thickness of 1.5mm onto the roof and top 150mm of sides on containers, this is where the warmest most humid air collects. Grafo-Therm has a much warmer surface than steel, so minimises the chance of condensation occurring. If however condensation does form it is immediately absorbed into the Grafo-Therm coating, which can absorb and up to 1L per m². 

When conditions change to drying this moisture is rapidly evaporated, aided by the 15-20 times increase in the surface drying area, obtained by the textured surface of the Grafo-Therm coating, Grafo-Therm incorporates a highly efficient fungicide to prevent against mould and fungal growth.

Condensation Prevention

Condensation before Applying Grafo-Therm
Effectiveness After Applying Grafo-Therm

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